Doing what’s right for clients
The first step ... is making the decision to go the extra mile
26 Jun 2019 | The Asset
For most people, winning a deal from a client is their definition of success, but for William Wong, senior vice president and regional client implementation manager at HSBC, it is seeing a treasury solution set up and significantly improving day-to-day processes for a client.
Wong fondly describes a successful project in 2018 as an example.
“We had a client who, despite some reservations, decided to mandate HSBC as their cash management provider. It was particularly fulfilling after a year of implementation to see our solutions materialize and deliver the intended value to the client,” shares Wong.
“As the regional implementation manager of the mandate, I was particularly delighted to have repaid the client’s faith and to have successfully demonstrated the bank’s strength in our onboarding and transition management capabilities.”
For Wong, having that vote of confidence from a client regarding the bank’s solution is not rocket science but a matter of hard work and being attentive to detail.
“Doing what’s right for the client and ensuring fair outcomes rank amongst my top work ethic traits and philosophies. Effort has to be demonstrated, even if the results aren’t always commensurate. Clients value this trait above everything else,” explains Wong.
“Therefore, the first step to becoming a good implementation manager is making the conscious decision to go the extra mile. There are often no perfect solutions, but what differentiates mediocre service from an exceptional one is how we choose to support our clients.”
In addition to the satisfaction of seeing his team’s treasury solutions come to fruition, Wong is always excited at getting to learn about and understand a company’s internal operations. 
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