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MSIM raises US$4 billion in assets for ESG equity fund
Global Change Strategy developed in partnership with Mizuho Securities
14 Sep 2020 | The Asset

Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) has raised over US$4 billion in assets for its new Global Change Strategy. Developed in partnership with Mizuho Securities, the equity fund managed by Kristian Heugh, head of MSIM’s Global Opportunity team, seeks to maximize long-term capital appreciation by investing in high-quality companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) alignment, the company said in a statement.

The strategy, with a highly concentrated portfolio of 20 to 40 names, is available in Japan through the Asset Management One (AMOne) Global ESG High Quality Growth Equity Fund. It marks the biggest Japanese mutual fund launch in two decades. Global Change follows previous launches of AMOne funds based on MSIM’s Global Opportunity, Developing Opportunity and Established Opportunity strategies and is the first ESG investment for many Mizuho retail investors.

According to MSIM, Global Change employs a holistic approach to sustainability by identifying investment opportunities in businesses that are innovating to positively impact humanity’s health, environment, liberty and productivity consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Says MSIM’s Heugh: “We look for companies that act in the best long-term interest of shareholders with an open culture towards innovation and big new ideas, while working to earn the trust of their communities, ecosystems and shareholders to reap these rewards.”

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