Viridios Capital, Tribeca Investment launch carbon fund
Fund aims to meet intense global demand for nature-based, high-impact carbon credits
29 Oct 2021 | The Asset

To address the intense global demand for nature-based and other high-impact carbon credits, Viridios Capital and Tribeca Investment Partners have created a fund management joint venture, VT Carbon Partners.

VT Carbon Partners’ first fund, the VT Carbon Fund, has already accumulated rights to a US$500 million portfolio of nature-based carbon credits targeting Australian and Asia-based companies wanting to voluntarily offset their carbon emissions. The fund is planning future raisings over 2022.

“There is a scarcity of high-impact offset opportunities available to companies pledging to decarbonize, particularly for companies that must rely significantly on offsets to address their high carbon emission rates,” says Eddie Listorti, Viridios Capital’s CEO. “This supply shortage is historically attributed partly to a lack of funding for project origination. The VT Carbon Fund provides a substantial opportunity in the critically important nature-based carbon avoidance and removal credits to those companies.”

Adam Lavis, CEO of Tribeca Investment Partners, adds: “The VT Carbon Fund is building inventory in partnership with the world’s largest offset project developers offering the fund's investors the best nature-based carbon credits available globally”.

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