BTIG opens outsource trading in Asia


BTIG Hong Kong Limited, an affiliate of BTIG, LLC, a US-based financial services firm specializing in institutional trading and related brokerage services, has launched its outsource trading desk and related services to clients in Asia.


Its outsource trading desk allows hedge fund managers to outsource their internal trading functions using BTIG’s buyside trading desk, which enables investment managers, regardless of size, to leverage the firm’s 16-person global team.


The outsource service can be tailored to the individual needs of each client, which means BTIG can act as the sole trading arm, supplement an in-house desk, handle overflow on heavy trading days or provide coverage when in-house traders are unavailable.


The new Asia desk, which is being led by BTIG executive director Trevor Harrison, follows the launch of BTIG’s outsource trading desk in Sydney, Australia, 18 months ago. A similar desk in the US has been operating for nine years. Globally, BTIG’s outsource trading desk handles over 140 clients.


Jesse Lentchner, BTIG chief executive officer for Asia-Pacific, says: “BTIG understands the challenges facing fund managers who want to execute their global strategies and grow their managed assets without having to build out a dedicated in-house trading desk. BTIG’s outsource trading desk provides these managers not only with a valuable service, but also with instant trading expertise.”


Larger established managers and small emerging hedge funds are both gravitating towards this outsource trading model as their underlying investors demand that they operate with lower and more flexible cost structures. BTIG’s outsource trading desk allows managers to avoid the fixed cost of maintaining and managing employees and technology in other countries while still getting dedicated attention to execute their trading orders.


“We believe much of the growth in the Asia-based outsource trading service will come from new manager launches. New managers will choose outsource trading as an interim solution until their assets under management support hiring a bigger team. We also expect that existing fund managers will add BTIG as an extension of their internal dealing desk or as a substitute for employing one in-house. The outsource solution we provide allows investment managers to concentrate on what they do best – identifying new investment opportunities and managing current investments,” Harrison adds.



15 Aug 2011


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