Deutsche Bank goes back-to-basics with new guide to trade finance
The guide covers the critical components that form today’s trade finance landscape
18 May 2020 | The Asset

DEUTSCHE Bank announced May 15 the release of its Guide to Trade Finance, outlining the fundamental practices and rules critical to the trade finance industry’s ongoing functioning and future development.

International trade is the cornerstone to our modern economies, with the value of world merchandise trade valued by the World Trade Organization at US$19.67 trillion in 2018. Yet, despite its importance, its complex and vast scope means it remains somewhat arcane and often misunderstood by outsiders.

Even for those within the industry, carrying out business across borders can be a tricky enterprise, with varying regulatory frameworks, cultural and linguistic barriers, and numerous risks to take into consideration.

Assembled by a group of seasoned trade finance professionals, the guide represents a reference point for current and future professionals working in the field. Covering the nuts and bolts of trade finance, the guide sheds light on everything from the rules and practices associated with traditional trade and supply chain finance to the growing interest in blockchain and sustainable trade finance, among other topics.

In these unprecedented times for the global economy, the guide also surveys the potential implications of Covid-19 on the trade finance industry, while other sections overview key developments for the next decades of global trade in terms of digitalization, the fourth industrial revolution and regulatory requirements.

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