OKB adds four new partners
More firms accept utility token for payment and trading
31 Jul 2020 | The Asset

OKB, a global utility token adopted by cryptocurrency exchange operator OKEx, has established four new partnerships to provide increased value for its users.

These include bot trading platforms HaasOnline and Cryptohopper, where OKB holders can earn a one-time passive income with 15% interest and discounted service fees, OKEx said in a statement. OKB users can also automate their trading strategies based on more than 130 technical indicators and candle patterns.

OKB has also joined forces with smart contract platform MyWish, which is now accepting the token as payment. Meanwhile, decentralized exchange Saturn Network has listed OKB on its DEX, allowing OKB holders to trade and swap the token with other cryptocurrencies on the network.

So far, OKB has more than 70 global partners providing such services as payments, trading platforms, wallets, financial services, and lifestyle, OKEx says.