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A test of grit and agility in the year of disruptions
The best performers in the asset management industry adapt quickly to the new normal to grow their business
13 May 2021 | The Asset

The year 2020 was a particularly trying period for the asset management industry amid the market volatility and other challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Industry players accelerated the adoption of technology and relied on agility, risk management and engagement with investors to pull through such a tough year.

For some of the most outstanding asset managers in Asia, ensuring effective communication is crucial even when a lot of the daily work has been moved online and to a work-from-home environment. This requires them to move fast in enhancing their digitalization capabilities and engaging with partners, especially investors, amid the market slump. The Asset was glad to know that many asset managers managed to convey the right information in a timely manner to their investors, thereby preventing sell-offs in the market.

But the pandemic indeed has driven great disruption in the asset management space, especially in the technical sense. Enabling remote work has become compulsory for everyone since the outbreak of the pandemic. This, in turn, has accelerated the digitalization journey of the entire industry, not only for the asset managers but also for the investors who might not be used to trading online.

Against this backdrop, The Asset announces the Asset Management Company Awards of The Asset Triple A Sustainable Investing Awards for Institutional Investor, ETF, and Asset Servicing Providers 2021.

ASEAN Regional Winner

Eastspring Investments

Founded in 1994, Eastspring has an unparalleled, on-the-ground presence in 11 Asian markets as well as distribution offices in North America and Europe. With a strong presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, Eastspring has continued to live up to its commitment to Asia.

China onshore


Ping An Asset Management

Ping An Asset Management is the largest asset manager in China in terms of AUM, with a wide spectrum of product line and client base. Last year, it recorded an AUM growth of 11%. Leveraging its group's resources, Ping An Asset Management also made remarkable progress in digitalization.

Mutual Fund

China Asset Management

China Asset Management recorded a strong growth of 44% in its AUM last year, servicing 165 million retail investors and 60,000 institutional investors. It continues to enhance its capabilities in the mutual fund business, with more than half of its assets in mutual funds.

Pension Fund

Taikang Asset Management

Taikang Asset Management has presented a strong case in enhancing its pension fund business, posting a 41% growth in AUM. This is a result of its outstanding performance in the occupation annuity portion, which had an increase of 140%, and the enterprise annuity segment, which recorded a 26% growth.

Private Equity Fund of Funds


Zero2IPO recorded a 30% growth in its AUM last year, focusing on investments in technology, healthcare, intelligent manufacturing and new consumption.

China offshore

Overall, Winner

CICC Hong Kong Asset Management

CICC Hong Kong Asset Management expanded its business in Hong Kong last year by rolling out new products, some of which are quite innovative. It managed to record an AUM growth of 81% in its active management business, higher than the average level of peers. It also ranks among the top players in terms of QFII and QDII business.

Overall, Highly Commended

E Fund (Hong Kong)

E Fund (Hong Kong) continues to possess the largest AUM for a Hong Kong subsidiary of a Chinese asset management company. It managed to record an 8% AUM growth last year despite the global trade frictions and bond market fluctuations.

Equity, Winner

China Universal Asset Management (Hong Kong)

China Universal Asset Management (Hong Kong) continues to enhance its investing capabilities in equities, and ranks second in the Hong Kong market in actively managed mutual funds.

Equity, Highly Commended

FountainCap Research & Investment

FountainCap Research & Investment had a good year last year, having onboarded new institutional clients. It crossed the US$1 billion AUM mark in June last year despite the pandemic and recorded an AUM growth of 65%.


Axis Asset Management

Axis Asset Management continues to be one of the most active players in the Indian asset management market, ranking seventh in terms of AUM. Last year it saw a 53% AUM growth despite the pandemic.



BNP Paribas Asset Management

BNP Paribas Asset Management had a strong year in 2020 by enhancing its mutual fund business. Its ranking in Indonesia jumped to No. 7 from 12th place in terms of mutual fund AUM within one year.

Highly Commended

Sucor Asset Management

Amid the pandemic volatilities, Sucor Asset Management recorded an impressive 90.47% growth in its AUM. This was due mainly to the growth of the company's brand awareness and loyalty among retail investors.



Affin Hwang Asset Management

With a 26.5% growth in its AUM in 2020, Affin Hwang Asset Management had a good year despite the Covid-19 disruptions. It continues to enhance its Asia-focused investments, with a particular focus on responsible investing.

Highly Commended


With five funds launched in 2020, AmInvest continues to grow its business and has recorded a 13% expansion in its AUM. This has enabled the firm to reach its highest level of total AUM last year.



BDO Trust and Investments Group

With a well-balanced client base, BDO Trust maintained a 15% growth in its AUM, with affluent retail clients' business leading the growth despite the pandemic last year. Its institutional client AUM also recorded solid growth.

Highly Commended

BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank of the Philippine Islands, BPI Asset Management serves more than 116,000 clients, with the majority of them being retail clients, with AUM coming largely from private banking, preferred banking and corporate banking clients.



Cathay Securities Investment Trust

Cathay Securities Investment Trust continues to be the largest asset manager in Taiwan with a 12.33% market share. Last year, its AUM recorded a 19% growth, mostly coming from investment-linked insurance policies and ETF business. It has a strong focus on ESG with solid cases of generating impact and engagement with the companies invested.

Highly Commended

Yuanta Securities Investment Trust

Yuanta Securities Investment Trust continues to be the second largest in Taiwan in terms of AUM and has recorded a 17% growth last year. Its Yuanta High Yield Leading Company Fund was launched in March 2020, and became the first Taiwan equities mutual fund with a monthly income distribution mechanism and year-end capital gain distribution mechanism, raising over US$1.6 billion on launch day, which was the highest among all Taiwan mutual funds.



Kasikorn Asset Management

Kasikorn Asset Management continues to be the leading asset manager in Thailand with a 17% market share. Despite the pandemic and high market volatility last year, the company was able to maintain its first place in the mutual fund business.

Highly Commended

Krungsri Asset Management

Krungsri Asset Management continues to record positive growth in its AUM amid the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to be one of the top players in the asset management industry in Thailand.



SSI Asset Management

As one of the top and most active asset managers in Vietnam, SSI Asset Management offers the most diversified range of products to clients. With new products launched in 2020, the firm now covers ETFs, mutual funds, and private equity funds.

Rising Star

An Binh Fund Management Joint Stock Company

Established in 2006, An Binh Fund Management pursues innovation to offer a wide range of investment products. In 2020, the company started to focus on growing its investment funds and has achieved exceptional size and growth.


Fixed income

Insights Management

With a total AUM of more than US$1 trillion, Insights Management (part of BNY Mellon Investment Management) provides solid services, especially in the fixed income asset class. It is actively engaging with institutional investors, with the majority of its clients being pension funds and insurers.

Private Debt


With a diverse team of over 75 global investment professionals sitting in six offices in Europe, the United States, and Asia-Pacific, Barings maintained its strong position in the private debt space last year. It gained market share both in the US and Europe despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Private Equity Fund of Funds

BlackRock Private Equity Partners

Having established its Asia office in 2012, BlackRock Private Equity Partners has been expanding its business in the region and is now covering markets including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. With leading technology capabilities, it now manages over US$3 billion for clients in the region. 

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