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Covid-19 serves as crucial test for asset service providers
The Asset announces the nominees for the Best in Asset Servicing – Regional Awards
The Asset 18 Jun 2021

Asset service providers are a hard-working, diligent bunch, always ready to meet the needs of clients, often coming out with new solutions, innovative products, and enhanced capabilities.

Although many of these solutions, products, and capabilities were well utilized, some were under-appreciated as clients remained hesitant to use them for various reasons.

The pandemic, however, changed all that as lockdowns and remote working pushed clients to turn to their asset service providers for much-needed support.

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary deeds, and the clients’ new and urgent needs served as a crucial test for asset service providers, of their skills, experience, and creativity.

Some may have been caught flat-footed, just barely managing to keep up with their clients’ highly demanding requirements, but the best of them grabbed the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities to provide true service to the community of which they are an integral part.

It is in this context that The Asset announces the nominees for the Best in Asset Servicing – Regional Awards.

Some of the asset service providers have performed so well they deserve to be nominated to award categories to which they have never been nominated before.

DBS has been nominated to “Best in Asset Servicing” category for the first time. BNP Paribas Securities Service and HSBC have been nominated to the “Best in Securities Lending” category.

The Board of Editors has also added the “Best in Domestic Custodian, Overall” category to reflect the changing landscape and increasingly intense competition in this space. Previously The Asset had only given awards for “Best in Domestic Custody, by country.”

The winners will be announced in a virtual awards ceremony coming soon.

For a full list of nominees, please click here.

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