Benchmark Research
The Asset Corporate Awards 2015
Excellence in Governance, CSR & Investor Relations Benchmarking
  • BDO Unibank
    BDO Unibank
    Tessie Sy Coson has changed what once was a middling bank, hired professional bankers, institutionalized the business and transformed it to become the country's dominant bank.
  • China Telecom Corporation 中国电信
    China Telecom Corporation
    China's largest fixed line telecom has a track record of rising to challenges the latest of which is rolling out the 4G LTE network to 56 cities allotted to it by the regulator.
  • China Unicom (Hong Kong) 中国联通(香港)
    China Unicom (Hong Kong)
    Upgrades are the name of the game for China's third largest telco as it eases mobile subscribers towards 4G, promotes its higher-value services and extends its fibre optic network.
  • Chunghwa Telecom 中华电信
    Chunghwa Telecom
    Taiwan's largest telecoms company appointed industry whizz Rick Tsai as CEO at the beginning of 2014 with the mission to aggressively promote LTE and fibre broadband services and deliver on digital convergence.
  • CNOOC 中国海洋石油
    CNOOC has been aggressively building its global oil assets and is an active issuer in the capital markets to fund its expansion.
  • CTBC Financial Holding Company 中国信托
    CTBC Financial Holding Company
    CTBC's headquarters have been awarded Taiwan's highest diamond level of green certification as the bank's professional management steers the group's domestic and international growth.
  • Delta Electronics 台达电子工业
    Delta Electronics
    Since Yancey Hai took over as chairman, Delta Electronics has moved up several notches in terms of corporate governance and social responsibility. Delta's embrace of clean energy and sustainability sets the bar for others.
  • E.SUN Financial Holding Company 玉山金控
    E.SUN Financial Holding Company
    In the highly competitive banking market of Taiwan, E.Sun FHC, through E.Sun Bank its bank subsidiary, is employing technology to make up for its lack of size and winning customers' nod.
  • Fubon Financial Holding Company 富邦金控
    Fubon Financial Holding Company
    Daniel Tsai has continued his father's legacy to give back to society. As one of the most successful FHC, Fubon also stands out by the quality of its CSR report, which is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative.
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 中国工商银行
    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    The largest bank in the world by total assets and by market capitalization carries the responsibility to play it safe but it is nonetheless under pressure to comply with Basel III requirements and eventually those of TLAC.
  • Infosys
    Infosys is weathering the management transition from the founders to an external CEO with aplomb as Vishal Sikka looks back on a successful first year in charge of the business consulting, information technology, software engineering and outsourcing service multinational.
  • International Container Terminal Services
    International Container Terminal Services
    Ricky Razon has built a true Philippine multinational with a management savvy in selecting ports to operate and a financing team to match as it expands its portfolio in Asia, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Kasikornbank
    The Lamsam family's bank, Thailand's fourth largest, has been adept at taking a dominant position in several sectors of the market and has been skilful in managing non-performing loans by shifting its exposure to match the changing economy.
  • Li & Fung 利丰集团
    Li & Fung
    Victor Fung and William Fung are the third generation of the Fung family, which founded Li & Fung in 1906, and they are credited with steering the global-sourcing firm to success during the past three decades alongside independent directors and competent management.
  • Metro Pacific Investments Corporation
    Metro Pacific Investments Corporation
    Manny Pangilinan is applying his decades of managerial flair to the utilities water, power, tollroads, hospitals and rail conglomerate that is part of the Salim family's regional empire hiring a professional team to run the businesses.
  • Pacific Basin Shipping 太平洋航运
    Pacific Basin Shipping
    Pacific Basin has completed its transition from three years ago to become a fully focussed owner and operator of handysize and handymax dry bulk ships with ownership of more than 40% of its fleet during a particularly tough period in the industry.
  • Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China 中国平安保险(集团)
    Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China
    Ma Mingzhe, chairman and chief executive of Ping An, China's second largest insurer with 90 million customers has been delivering steady growth in the company's traditional insurance and investment businesses as well as in newer areas such as internet finance.
  • PTT Exploration and Production
    PTT Exploration and Production
    Tevin Vongvanich, who was the CEO of PTTEP, has moved the group to become Asia's leading exploration and production company. But times are tough now and he has launched a save-to-be-safe approach to the business.
  • PTT
    As Thailand's flagship energy group, PTT sets the pace in corporate governance and social responsibility. The changing of the guard at the top in October, with Tevin Vongvanich becoming the new CEO, reinforces this mission.
  • Public Bank
    Public Bank
    A rarity in financial services, and a credit to its founder, Teh Hong Piow, Public Bank has never made a loss and continues to build out its operations focusing not just its strong domestic franchise but also a vibrant presence in Indochina.
  • Reliance Industries
    Reliance Industries
    Mukesh Ambani is not one to let the grass grow as he steers the conglomerate his father founded further into new pastures expanding the group's petrochemical and refining operations and launching into telecoms.
  • RHB Capital
    RHB Capital
    A transition year with the appointment of Dato' Khairussaleh Ramli as group managing director in May, RHB Capital (to be renamed RHB Bank later this year) plans to focus on performance over size as it builds its regional presence.
  • SM Investments Corporation
    SM Investments Corporation
    The holding company of the Sy family, SM Investments Corp combines the traits of a family-led organization but run along corporate governance principles with a deep commitment to giving back to the community.
  • SM Prime Holdings
    SM Prime Holdings
    The property arm of the SM group, SM Prime parlayed its success operating shopping malls into residential and commercial properties as well as hotel, leisure and resorts. It is now the largest property group in the country.
  • Sun Hung Kai Properties 新鸿基地产
    Sun Hung Kai Properties
    Despite challenges the Kwok family faced in recent years, the family's property flagship, SHK Properties, has remained among the highest rated. It is also the biggest commercial landlord in terms of rental income in Hong Kong.
  • Thai Oil
    Thai Oil
    As the refinery and petrochemical arm of the PTT group, Thai Oil adheres to the same high standards on corporate governance and operational excellence including sustainability of its business growth.
  • The Bangchak Petroleum
    The Bangchak Petroleum
    With the sale of PTT's strategic stake to the Social Security Office and Vayupak Fund 1 in April, Bangchak Petroleum remains on track to build out its green energy business and its goal of a low carbon footprint.
  • Yuanta Financial Holdings 元大金控
    Yuanta Financial Holdings
    Yuanta FHC has stepped up its expansion plans following the successful acquisition of Tongyang Securities in Korea. Its recent takeover of Ta Chong Bank does not detract from its securities-centric business model.
  • China Communications Services Corporation 中国通信服务
    China Communications Services Corporation
    With its dominant position in the domestic market serving all three telecoms operators, China Communication Services Corp is bringing its expertise to overseas markets especially in pursuit of the One Belt, One Road Initiative.
  • China Resources Enterprise 华润创业
    China Resources Enterprise
    Following the sale of its retail business, China Resources Enterprise is now focussed on the more profitable beer business.
  • CIFI Holdings (Group) Company 旭辉集团
    CIFI Holdings (Group) Company
    Despite the turmoil in the China property market, CIFI Holdings maintained its growth momentum through its partnership model and prudent financial management.
  • COSCO International Holdings 中远国际
    COSCO International Holdings
    Having spun off some non-core assets, COSCO International's professional management team is now building on its high-margin businesses such as shipping insurance while also expanding its client base beyond the COSCO group.
  • COSCO Pacific 中远太平洋
    COSCO Pacific
    At arms length from its SOE parent, the world's fourth largest container terminal operator with berths in 21 ports worldwide is positioning itself to take advantage of the trend towards mega-ships while also growing its container leasing, management and sale businesses.
  • Datang International Power Generation Company 大唐国际发电
    Datang International Power Generation Company
    As one of the leading power companies in China, Datang is progressively shifting its generation activity to renewable energy, which accounted for 17% of total capacity in 2014. This year, 46.8% of capex is for renewable energy.
  • Global Sources 环球资源
    Global Sources
    Merle Hinrichs has transformed the trade publication he co-founded into an extensive B2B marketplace enabling 1 million international buyers, including 95 of the world’s top 100 retailers, to source products in Greater China.
  • Hang Lung Properties 恒隆地产
    Hang Lung Properties
    Not for the first time in his long career, Ronnie Chan has been guiding Hang Lung Properties through a tough economic environment, but with cash reserves ready for deployment and strong rental turnover, the company is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities both in Hong Kong and China.
  • Huaneng Renewables Corporation 华能新能源
    Huaneng Renewables Corporation
    As a timely lead up to the Paris Climate Change conference, Huaneng Renewables has increased its utilisation hours to generate more wind power and - most likely - strong earnings growth.
  • IHH Healthcare
    IHH Healthcare
    Dr Tan See Leng, the entrepreneurial Singaporean doctor who took the helm of IHH in 2014 is continuing to extend the company's international footprint further into China, India, and Asean as well as Turkey, Macedonia and Iraq.
  • Indorama Ventures
    Indorama Ventures
    From its origins producing wool yarns, Indorama has strategically grown to become one of the largest petrochemical producers globally and the world leader in PET with operations in 19 countries.
  • Jiangsu Expressway Company 江苏宁沪高速公路
    Jiangsu Expressway Company
    As the road operator that services much of the traffic into and out of Shanghai, Jiangsu Expressway can count on steady revenues.
  • New World Department Store China 新世界百货
    New World Department Store China
    Faced with the challenges of an economic slowdown and changing shopping habits, the experienced management of NWDS has been boosting direct sales by improving customers' shopping experience with specialized food and beverage stores and more international fashion brands.
  • Persistent Systems
    Persistent Systems
    Driven by its founder, chairman and MD, Anand Deshpande, Persistent is living up to its name as it builds its global presence via acquisitions and strategic industry partnerships.
  • Philex Mining Corporation
    Philex Mining Corporation
    The unfortunate Padcal mine accident three years ago is part of its history but Philex Mining stepped up to the plate, dealt with it head-on and with the recent discovery of additional ore reserves has extended the life of the mine by an additional two years to 2022.
  • Sime Darby Holdings
    Sime Darby Holdings
    While Sime Darby operates in several traditional sectors, its highly professional management is far from staid having introduced innovations in its treasury management, payments processing and capital raising and last year achieved debut ratings higher than the country’s sovereign.
  • Sun Hung Kai & Company 新鸿基
    Sun Hung Kai & Company
    A pioneer in financial services in Hong Kong more than 20 years ago, Sun Hung Kai & Co under Lee Seng Huang has leveraged its brand to build out into China. The sale of a 70% stake in its securities arm to Shanghai-based Everbright Securities underpins its moves into wealth management in the mainland.
  • Taishin Financial Holdings 台新金控
    Taishin Financial Holdings
    Positioning itself to take advantage of opportunities opening up in China and Southeast Asia, Taishin hopes to create the synergies especially in following customers expanding offshore.
  • The Link Real Estate Investment Trust 領展房地產基金
    The Link Real Estate Investment Trust
    A large portfolio of ‘non-discretionary’ anchored retail shopping centres in Hong Kong means the well-managed group has been able to produce growth in rents well above its peers.
  • TMB Bank
    TMB Bank
    Establishing its name in the regional debt market, the management of the sixth largest commercial bank in Thailand saw a window of opportunity this year and tapped the offshore renminbi bond market for 600 million yuan (US$94 million) which will help finance its growth in transaction banking in which it has an edge.
  • Vinda International Holdings 维达国际
    Vinda International Holdings
    Vinda International, led by founder and chairman Li Chaowang, the 30-year veteran of the paper industry, is on an Asian expansion track acquiring the sanitary business of its parent and a production base in Guangdong.
  • Yip’s Chemical Holdings 叶氏化工
    Yip’s Chemical Holdings
    With an emphasis on R&D and an adherence to high corporate governance standards, this vibrant SME has a thriving business in petrochemical products in China and is the world's number one manufacturer of acetate solvents.
  • Yuexiu Property Company 越秀地產
    Yuexiu Property Company
    The only China developer owning a REIT platform, Yuexiu Property is moving beyond traditional real estate development into a high-end business model focusing on the development, operation and securitization of property.
  • Yuexiu Reit Asset Management 越秀房地产投资信托基金
    Yuexiu Reit Asset Management
    The acquisition of Guangzhou IFC has been a filip which will help improve Yuexiu REIT's debt structure; in addition the company is expected to benefit from interest rate cuts in China as two-fifths of its total borrowings are denominated in renminbi.
  • BTS Group Holdings
    BTS Group Holdings
    Sitting on enviable cash resources, BTS Group is waiting for the government's green light to extend Bangkok's mass transit project.
  • Galaxy Entertainment Group 银河娱乐集团
    Galaxy Entertainment Group
    The Lui family's casino and entertainment company is now investing more in non-gaming assets to counter the Chinese government's crackdown on corruption.
  • Semirara Mining and Power Corporation
    Semirara Mining and Power Corporation
    As part of DMCI's portfolio of construction and utility operations, the Consunji family has been building its coal mining and power generation activities.
  • SOCAM Development 瑞安建业
    SOCAM Development
    Exiting from its cement investments and troubleshooting water supply problems in some Hong Kong properties, SOCAM is setting course for a stronger future.
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