Chengdu plays host to the 13th Asian Bond Markets Summit

Event will discuss the key financial topics facing China and what could be done to further enhance the market in the future as China’s ongoing liberalization journey unfolds

The 13th Asia Bond Markets Summit kicks off in Chengdu on May 28, and promises to shine a light on some of the key financing and investing opportunities in the capital markets in China, plus the outlook for Asia-Pacific economies more generally. Despite a multitude of uncertain external factors facing China, the country continues to push forward with its financial market reform, making it easier for foreign investors to access the onshore market.

From the inclusion of Chinese yuan bonds in the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index, to the 40% increase of average daily on the Bond Connect channel during 2018, there are positive signs that China’s financial development is on the upswing.

Against this fast-moving backdrop, The Asset’s summit will highlight a series of fascinating topics facing the Chinese financial markets: such as how issuers and investors respond to the impact of index inclusion of China’s bond market, to the current situation surrounding LGFVs (local government financing vehicles), to the implications spawning from the rapid growth of China’s venture capital/private equity industry, to the rise of green finance.

The summit will also feature a number of knowledgeable speakers from various entities, including Zhu Li, deputy director of finance division of the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Raymond Woo, managing director and head of rating advisory of global debt capital markets department at ICBC International, and Donghyun Park, principal economist, economic research and regional cooperation department at the Asian Development Bank.   

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