Aviva appoints Tulloch as CEO

Tulloch starts serving as Chief Executive Officer immediately on March 4, having formerly been CEO, International Insurance

Aviva announced on March 4 that Maurice Tulloch would become its chief executive officer with immediate effect on that day. Sir Adrian Montague, Chairman of Aviva, who had been acting in an executive capacity, will revert to his role as non-executive chairman on the same day.

Tulloch, who was CEO, International insurance, has been with Aviva since 1992. As CEO of International Insurance, he oversaw the group’s operations in France, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Turkey and India. He was appointed to the board in June 2017.  He was previously CEO, Aviva UK and Ireland General Insurance, one of the group’s largest businesses.

“Maurice will be an outstanding Chief Executive of Aviva. He knows the business inside out. He has led our businesses in the UK and internationally and built strong teams across life insurance and general insurance,” said Montague.


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