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4th Asia Treasury & Trade Summit

Accelerating growth through technology

19 April 2018

Asia’s economy is going from strength to strength. Backed by strong currencies, increased trade activity and domestic consumption, Asian corporates are now setting out to expand, invest and grow their businesses. At the heart of these activities is technology – the key to accelerating growth.

But technological changes are a challenge for corporate treasuries in the region. Demanding expectations from tech-savvy stakeholders as well as the increasing volume of work data are some of the realities CFOs and treasurers are facing today.

Meanwhile, centralization remains an important strategy as Asian finance hubs including Singapore and Hong Kong continue to offer incentives in the space. Technology is revolutionizing the payment landscape. Asian governments led the charge in digital payments on the back of regulatory reforms. Application programming interface (API) has also found its way into corporate treasury as adoption of virtual accounts increased. Intra Asean trade is also on the rise. Treasurers are taking a closer look at their supply chains, focusing on how they can adopt environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards in this area. Distributor finance is also at the top of corporate agenda as well as China’s Belt and Road initiative that could impact businesses. As Asia enters a new phase of growth, how prepared are corporate treasurers to optimize technology and capture opportunities arising from this new era?

The Asset Events proudly presents its 4th Asia Treasury and Trade Summit, a strategic one-day event which will bring together the region’s most innovative and influential CFOs and treasurers to highlight the key trends and innovative solutions that are reshaping corporate treasury in the region.

  • The digital agenda – what treasurers need to know
  • APIs: Revolutionizing Asia’s payment landscape
  • Virtual accounts
  • Regional treasury centres
  • Working capital, liquidity and technology
  • Belt and Road: Impact on treasury
  • Supply chain and ESG for treasurers
  • Challenges in distributor financing
Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore
Date: 19 April 2018

Speakers / Agenda

Asset Events Speaker
Welcome remarks
Asset Events Speaker
Morning keynote address
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Accelerating growth through technology
Technology has transformed the way businesses are run and in corporate treasury, digital innovation has made a significant impact. Mobile payments, digitalization of trade finance, blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence have found their way into the banking and treasury functions. As Asian businesses gear for expansion and growth, technology will play a more important role. How can treasurers further leverage technology to accelerate business growth?
  • Digital treasury – what treasurers need to know
  • How has technology impacted business models and corporate treasuries?
  • Which technological innovations are worth the investment?
  • How can treasurers prepare for digital change?
Networking and coffee
Asset Events Conversation
Panel: APIs – transforming corporate treasury
Application Programming Interface (API) technology, which enables different software applications to work together, has found its way into banking and treasury. Through APIs, real time data and processing becomes possible, providing corporate treasurers the much needed visibility into their company’s assets. In Asia, APIs are gaining ground as banks and corporates realize its impact on treasury operations.
  • What are the drivers behind the emergence of APIs globally?
  • Will we see a spike in treasury APIs in Asia?
  • How can treasurers take full advantage of APIs?
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Renminbi internationalization: One step forward, two steps back?
Underpinned by Asia’s high mobile phone adoption, the explosive growth of online retailing and the rise of fintech, the region’s digital payment landscape is being transformed. China takes the lead in this space with the dominance of Chinese digital wallets. ASEAN is stepping up its game with the launch of national electronic payment schemes and cross border payment partnerships. As digital payments become mainstream, are corporate treasurers ready?
  • How are treasurers preparing for the coming digital payment revolution?
  • What are the challenges that treasurers face in this space?
  • How should treasurers manage cybersecurity risks?
Asset Events Cocktails
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Treasury and sustainability – the road ahead
Companies across the world are increasingly embracing the concept of environmental, social and governance (ESG) with most outlining their ESG goals. While not traditionally the domain of the treasury function, ESG is becoming a top priority for corporate treasurers with the realization the ESG risks may have direct financial impact. What role does corporate treasury play in building a sustainable company?
  • How can treasurers apply ESG concepts into the treasury function?
  • Which treasury activities can benefit from ESG principles?
  • How can treasurers help companies achieve their ESG targets?
  • How can they incorporate ESG principles in investment and fundraising?
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Digitalization – transforming trade finance in Asia
Singapore and Hong Kong have joined hands in launching the Global Trade Connectivity Network (GTCN) to facilitate digital trade finance between them. Using distributed ledger technology (DLT), the network aims to make cross border trade finance safer, cheaper and more efficient. Will this initiative finally push Asian trade finance into the digital era?
  • Are Asian treasurers ready for digital trade finance?
  • What benefits will these collaboration bring to corporate treasurers?
  • What are the potential risks that could impact corporate treasuries?
  • What role does fintech play in this space?
Networking and coffee
Asset Events Panel
Panel: ESG and the supply chain
While supply chain finance falls directly under corporate treasury, physical supply chains are managed by the procurement department. In recent years, there is increased collaboration between two as more companies look into linking their physical and financial supply chains, providing treasurers increased visibility and involvement with physical supply chains. With banks increasingly favoring ESG-compliant companies and projects, treasurers, on the lookout for more viable supplier finance schemes, must now focus on building sustainable supply chains.
  • Are treasurers ready to take the lead in strategically managing supply chains?
  • Supplier onboarding: Criteria for choosing suppliers
  • How can treasurers incentivize suppliers to adopt ESG principles?
  • Supply chain disruptions and insurance
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Distributor finance – is the time now?
The supply chain ecosystem has become a focal point for corporate treasury across Asia with treasurers taking a closer look at both their suppliers and distributors. As supply chain finance gains ground in the region, treasurers are now turning to the other side of the equation – its distribution network and in turn, distributor finance, a tool which allows corporates to support the working capital requirements of its distribution partners. Will distributor finance finally kick off in Asia?
  • How can corporate treasury benefit from distributor financing?
  • What should treasurers consider when implementing a distributor finance program?
  • What are the risks and how can treasurers manage these risks?
  • How can distributor finance programs improve the supply chain function?
Asset Events Speaker
Closing remarks

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