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Build and Innovate

3 October 2018 - Manila, Philippines

As one of the fastest growing economies in Asia over recent years, the Philippines continued to expand at an impressive pace during 2017, buttressed by surging exports. Many analysts suggest the country’s economic performance in the coming years will be boosted by its ambitious infrastructure programme. Rising public expenditure could unlock the country’s full potential, improve its attractiveness to foreign investors, stimulate job creation and, ultimately, achieve growth that is both inclusive and broadly based.

For foreign investors eyeing up the Philippines as an investment proposition, perhaps one of the biggest challenges to overcome is one of perception: can the Philippines be relied upon to carry through what the country has planned to do? This is not to say that the environment is not changing. Indeed, the current government plans to cut red tape and attract investment. Its determination made plain by the passage of Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP) and the recent infrastructure build out targets. For the Philippines, maintaining this positive momentum is critical, irrespective of global headwinds, such as higher interest rates, rising oil prices and the trade spat between the US and China, which point to volatility ahead.

As the country’s economic managers navigate the uncertain global outlook, commentators can note that the Philippines’ demographics remain sound. A young population, a growing middle class driving consumption, rising income supplemented by overseas remittances and an expanding services sector are sources of strength that could serve as tailwinds maintaining the country’s steady economic progress.

Conrad Manila
Date: 3 October, 2018

Speakers / Agenda

Asset Events Speaker
Welcome remarks
Asset Events Speaker
Panel: Build and innovate
The Philippines is expected to maintain its growth momentum. However, a weak peso, widening trade deficits and the Sino-US trade war can adversely impact the country’s economic performance. Key tax reforms have been put in place leading to rising inflation rates and corporates are faced with a potential rate hike. Amidst this backdrop, innovation is crucial for corporates to sustain their growth.
  • How do corporates approach funding amidst rising inflation?
  • What are the best sources of financing for capital?
  • Financial sector reform and the role of the capital markets
Asset Events Speaker
Panel: Green finance
The creation of a green economy is a priority for the Philippine government and green financing is at the heart of this plan. Green instruments have made their debut in the Philippine market, but the transactions are few and far between. As the country transitions to a green economy, the need for sustainable financing is expected to increase. How can the country meet the demand for green finance?
  • What are the barriers to scaling green finance and how do we address them?
  • What are the priority areas for green investment?
  • What green facilities are available in the market today?
Asset Events Speaker
Panel: Philippine-China financing and investment
The Philippines bilateral relationship with China is going from strength to strength. The country’s inaugural panda bond issuance paves the way for Philippine corporates to access the massive onshore China market. Chinese investments into the Philippines have grown tremendously over the past few years. The proposed peso-renminbi spot market highlights the growing importance of the renminbi.
  • How can Philippine corporates successfully tap the onshore China market?
  • What is the outlook for Chinese FDI and ODA into the country?
  • What opportunities will arise from the planned peso-renminbi spot market?
Asset Events Speaker
Summit keynote address
Networking and coffee
Asset Events Speaker
Panel: Managing Philippines’ growing wealth
Bolstered by a young population and a strongly performing economy, the Philippines is experiencing a boom in assets and savings. The high net worth individual (HNWI) market, dominated by second generation family business owners, is rapidly expanding and increasingly focusing on investments. The entry of foreign players, bringing about competition, will likely improve and expand the country’s wealth market.
  • What products can meet the demands of the country’s wealthy?
  • How can wealth managers leverage technology to improve client experience?
  • What measures are being taken to ensure investor education?
Asset Events Speaker
Panel: Fintech and the rise of digital finance
Fintech takes centre stage as the country’s banking system accelerates its adoption of digital banking. High internet and mobile phone usage, changing banking habits, as well as the growth of e-commerce, have created a favourable environment for financial institutions to embark on digital transformation. Will this finally herald a new era in Philippine finance?
  • What are the challenges to creating a digital financial platform?
  • How can fintech support banks and financial institutions in their transformation?
  • Financial inclusion and digital finance – How to reach the unbanked
Asset Events Speaker
Closing remarks
Asset Events Speaker
End of Summit

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