Asia Treasury Leadership Series
How e-commerce is reshaping the hub-and-spoke model
8 March 2021 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM HKT
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DBS Bank

Part 2 of a 2-part series

Across the world, companies are pressured to innovate as they respond to unprecedented market changes. Corporate treasurers play a strategic role in this transformation, leveraging technology to update business models and stay relevant. In a period marked by quarantines and disruptions, utilizing alternative channels to reach new and existing customers is crucial and e-commerce is supporting this trend.

E-commerce platforms are growing rapidly and providing integrated solutions that make buying and selling easier for companies. Its nature of high-volume, fast-paced and real-time transactions, however, is transforming the payment landscape and presenting new challenges to treasurers. The rise of e-commerce is also leading companies to re-evaluate supply chains. As customers demand quick, accurate and seamless buying experience, businesses must find ways to streamline supply chains, increase efficiency and better manage working capital.

Financing each link of the supply chain is equally important. With richer datasets and advanced analytics provided by e-commerce platforms, financial institutions offering supply chain finance services are able to understand the risk profiles of the corporates in the ecosystem better and hence extending financing in a more efficient manner. Data centers are also playing an important role by accumulating financial and logistics data, which could provide better credit assessment to help meet the financing requirements of suppliers.

The Asset Events, in association with DBS, is pleased to be hosting this exclusive webinar to discuss how e-commerce is reshaping the hub-and-spoke model.

Ramon Abalo
Ramon Abalo
managing director
Australia Post Global eCommerce Solutions
Sriram Muthukrishnan
Sriram Muthukrishnan
managing director, group head of trade product management
Vipin Garg
Vipin Garg
director finance/group treasurer
Axel Hauke
treasury manager/trader
Daniel Yu
Daniel Yu
The Asset
16:50 (HKT)
Access to webinar opens
17:00 (HKT)
Exclusive discussion
  • How does this data-centered supply chain finance model work?
  • What are some typical problems that this model can address?
  • How can suppliers benefit from this model?
  • How could logistic companies play a role by co-creating the solution?
  • How do corporates manage big data?
  • What’s next for the ecosystem?
17:50 (HKT)
18:00 (HKT)
End of discussion

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