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3rd Asia Treasury & Trade Summit

Treasury in a new world order

25 April 2017 - Hong Kong

Following years of trying to keep pace with the relentless growth on the business side, CFOs and treasurers in Asia are seeing a new more deliberate phase of growth. While the slowdown can be a source of worry, it has also opened up a number of possibilities: the opportunity to examine the inner workings of the organization, sharpen focus on efficiency, and a greater incentive to look for new markets.

If 2016 was the year of the unthinkable (Brexit, Trump, et al), 2017 could turn out to become the year of change and a new world order. Caught between the two T’s of Trump and technology, the treasury function will need to be both agile and adaptable. The business ramifications of both will have a lasting impact on how companies in this region operate and how they are able to navigate the terrain in the years ahead.

Indeed, the function of treasury is entering a new world order. How will these changes shape the coming 12 months and beyond? What are the opportunities and challenges that are considerations for the CFOs and treasurers in the evolving landscape? What tools are available that will help to drive efficiency, improve controls, and increase the visibility?

The Asset Events proudly presents its 3rd Asia Treasury and Trade Summit, a strategic one-day event which will bring together the region’s most innovative and influential CFOs and treasurers to highlight the key trends and innovative solutions that are reshaping corporate treasury in the region.

Speakers / Agenda

Asset Events Speaker
Opening remarks
Daniel Yu
Daniel Yu
The Asset
Asset Events Speaker
Morning keynote address
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Treasury in a new world order
Unprecedented events in the West such as Brexit and Trump’s win are reshaping global trade and are setting the stage for a potentially challenging 2017 for corporate treasuries. What do these changes mean for Asian corporate treasurers? How will they navigate the evolving landscape?
  • Strong US dollar and rising interest rates: Are Asian corporates ready?
  • Domestic consumption story: How are treasurers improving processes internally?
  • Technology for transformation: How do treasurers decide which technology is best suited for their existing systems?
  • How do treasurers deal with the challenge of changing regulations in Asia?
Aron Åkesson
Aron Åkesson
Regional Treasurer Asia
Rajan Gupta
Group Treasurer
Networking and coffee
Asset Events Conversation
In focus: Treasury in the fintech age
Fintech is revolutionizing finance and its impact is already being felt across a wide range of financial activities. For corporate treasury teams, fintech provides a promising future, particularly in improving cash and trade processes. How can corporate treasurers take advantage of fintech?
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Renminbi internationalization: One step forward, two steps back?
The renminbi has opened up new business opportunities given its growing importance as an international trade and reserve currency. But the recent regulatory restrictions, depreciating renminbi and the fall in China’s FX reserves are impacting renminbi businesses. Is this just a short blip or a sustained trend? What does increased volatility around renminbi mean if it were to make its way into the global currency community?
  • Where is renminbi heading and what it means for the offshore market?
  • How are treasurers navigating the current difficulties in linking their renminbi with their regional pool?
  • What are the opportunities available in the payments and cash management area?
  • What’s the state of renminbi liquidity today?
Francis Ho
Francis Ho
Senior Director, Group Treasury & Project Finance
CLP Holdings
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Supply chain: The new source of financing?
As Asia shifts toward a domestic consumption-led growth, supply chains are also evolving. Some of the leading corporates in the region are injecting liquidity into the marketplace through innovative financing solutions. In a credit-constrained environment, how can supply chain financing benefit the key stakeholders of a supply chain? Where are we seeing the most demand?
  • How can corporates inject liquidity and working capital into their supply chains?
  • What solutions are available in payments, inventory and receivables side?
  • How can supply chain financing help to mitigate procurement risks?
  • How can fintech add value to supply chain and supply chain financing?
Calvin Lim
Calvin Lim
Chief Financial Officer
Amazon Papyrus Chemicals
Edwin Lui
Edwin Lui
Global Chief Financial Officer
Cartridge World
Sunny Cheng
Sunny Cheng
Director, Head of Financial Controlling
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Blockchain in treasury and trade: A game changer?
Blockchain and its underlying distributor technology is being promoted as the business solution ranging from global payments, trade finance and meeting know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. Can blockchain gain traction in Asia and revolutionalize the treasury and trade processes?
  • What are blockchain’s practical uses for corporates and banks?
  • How to secure more management buy-ins?
  • How can banks and tech-startups work together to build efficiency?
  • What are the key issues in expanding its usage and when will it take off in Asia?
Dave Chapman
Dave Chapman
co-Founder and COO
ANX International
Hans Lombardo
Hans Lombardo
Chain of Things
Networking and coffee
Asset Events Conversation
Dialogue 1: Hong Kong CTC – Will challenges in cross-border flows become an opportunity?
Recent regulatory restrictions in China to limit capital outflows are making it difficult for Chinese corporates to use their onshore sources of funding to expand offshore. Are these creating opportunities for Hong Kong, whose strong ties to China make it a viable hub for corporate treasury centres in the region?
  • What are the benefits of setting up treasury functions in Hong Kong?
  • How can corporates manage liquidity and improve visibility and control of their cash?
  • How can corporates manage FX exposures across multiple operating entities?
  • How can Belt and Road Initiative increase Hong Kong’s appeal as a CTC hub?
Sohfern BOEY 梅素芬
Sohfern BOEY
Managing Director & Head of Global Transaction Services
DBS Bank (Hong Kong)
Enoch Fung
Enoch Fung
Head of Market Development
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Angus Lai
Angus Lai
Treasury Officer
Eddie Mak
Eddie Mak
Group Treasurer
Kerry Logistics
Masashi Takeda
Masashi Takeda
Managing Director
Hitachi Capital Management (China)
Dialogue 2: Cyber-security for treasurers: The need of the hour
As the world becomes increasingly digital, cyber-attack and data breach methods are evolving and growing in sophistication. Cyber-security is a key concern for treasurers as they manage and control the group’s cash including vendor payments. Do corporates in Asia fully understand the cyber risks they face?
  • What can corporates do to improve cyber-security?
  • How critical is it to integrate cyber risks into an organization’s risk programme?
  • Are there adequate technical controls and processes in place to mitigate cyber risks?
  • How critical is it to educate at an individual level about the cyber world?
Eddie Mak
Shane Read
Chief Information Security Officer
Noble group
Eddie Mak
Mark Rittmayer
group CFO
Caton Technology (Beijing)
Asset Events Cocktails
Networking and cocktails
The Asset Treasury, Trade, Supply Chain and Risk Management Awards Dinner

The Asset events are the perfect size to offer the best of both worlds to our delegates, our conferences are highly interactive and each offers a unique forum where both speakers and delegates can contribute and learn and our clients can forge new and profitable business relationships to help the industry advance.

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