Jefferies appoints global head of equity strategy

Jefferies has appointed Christopher Wood as global head of equity strategy. Wood, who joins from Asian securities house CLSA, has been ranked the top equity strategist in almost all major broker polls in Asia during the last two decades. Wood’s team also includes Frances Lai and Joe Man.

“We are excited to have Chris Wood join Jefferies,” comments Peter Forlenza, Jefferies’ global head of equities. “With a string of appointments on the Asian platform in recent weeks, now capped by the launch today of Chris Wood’s GREED & fear, we hope to firmly establish the next leg of growth in our commitment and expansion across Asia.”

Prior to entering the investment business, Wood was a financial journalist. He worked for the Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Economic Review between 1982 and 1984 and The Economist between 1984 to 1994, during which period he was both the New York and Tokyo Bureau Chief. He was also the author of three acclaimed books while at The Economist. “Boom and Bust: The Rise and Fall of the World's Financial Markets” published in 1989; “The Bubble Economy: Japan's Extraordinary Speculative Boom of the '80s and the Dramatic Bust of the '90s” published in 1992; and “The End of Japan Inc.: And How the New Japan Will Look” published in 1994.


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