Asset Benchmark Research CMB
Custody in Asia’s newly integrated markets

QDII. MRF. ARFP. The list of acronyms that condense the multitude of market developments in Asia’s asset and investment management industry is ever growing. In collaboration with China Merchants Bank (CMB), Asset Benchmark Research surveyed 149 asset managers, institutional investors and other market participants in the summer of 2016 about their plans to seize opportunities that arise from the integration of Asia’s capital markets. This report presents the findings of this pan-Asian research and outlines the implications for service providers in the region, particularly custodian banks.


QDII 、MRF 、ARFP ,这些耳熟能详描述亚洲投资管理行业市场发展动态的缩略词, 在近几年越来越多的出现在我们面前。《财资》杂志旗下的财资基准研究(Asset Benchmark Research)与招商银行携手,于2016年第三季度,对149位资产管理 人、机构投资者和其他市场参与者进行了调查。此次的调查内容主要针对受访者如何 把握住亚洲资本市场一体化所带来的机遇。本报告呈现了本次泛亚调查的结果,并对 亚洲地区的服务机构业,尤其是托管银行业,提出了针对性的建议。。