As Trump sweeps into the White House Hang Lung, PTT win for diversity, inclusion

The Asset Corporate Awards 2016 – Asia’s longest running benchmarking awards on governance, corporate social responsibility and investor relations – present its inaugural Best in Diversity and Inclusion Award to two exceptional companies: Hang Lung Properties and PTT Public Company.

The award takes on particular importance especially in light of the election of Donald Trump to the highest office in the United States, shining the spotlight on Asia and its approach to diversity and inclusion. It is to recognize leaders in their industries that adopt the most effective policies, programmes and practices that promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well as in the community and industry in general. Businesses are beginning to realize that a diverse and inclusive workforce contributes to a company’s success.

Hang Lung is a property company based in Hong Kong headed by Ronnie Chan since 1991. With a portfolio of assets located in Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming and Wuhan, it upholds the principle We do it right. It's inclusion initiative centres on improving job access to people with disabilities and promoting diversity through employee education. 

Many employers are reluctant to hire people with disability because of office environment limitations, unsuitable job nature, and a lack of channels to meet applicants with disabilities. Hang Lung recognizes the problem and takes action. 

It has been a partner to the Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organizations Recognition Scheme, a Hong Kong government programme that helps prevent job discrimination against qualified disabled individuals. Each year, Hang Lung holds at least one anti-discrimination seminar in partnership with Hong Kong’s Equals Opportunities Commission.

PTT’s Inclusion Strategy focuses on workplace equality. As the largest energy company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, it is also one of the country’s most international in terms of operation outside Thailand. 

At PTT, top executives know that they need a workforce that reflects the changing demographics of global partners and clients. PTT aims to tap into its diverse employees to bolster productivity and lead an effective business. It does so by creating a workplace that encourages and promotes women to top management committees, rejecting discrimination in the workplace through employee education. 

As companies in Asia do more business globally, diversity is of vital importance. A rich mix of employees with varied perspectives and experiences contribute to overall productivity and ultimately to a company’s success. 

But a large number of corporations in the region don’t realize this. Management ranks and boardrooms are led almost exclusively by men. There remain few women in top management in Asia’s top corporations. 

In the last year alone, PTT has promoted more women to executive management than the prior two years, resulting in a 16% increase in the number of female executives in the period. There is also the problem of age discrimination in some corporations. At PTT, management keeps a comfortable number of employees over 50 years old, both male and female.  

As proof that its programmes are helping employees, PTT’s employee engagement score rose in 2015, with 96% of employees participating in its annual engagement survey. 

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