Deutsche Bank wealth management launches dbXpert
The offering aims to boost personalized wealth advisory service for clients and is based on a flat fee pricing model, with a minimum of two million euros portfolio AUM
16 May 2019 | The Asset

Deutsche Bank wealth management has launched dbXpert, enabling emerging markets clients to create a disciplined portfolio that bridges the gap between transactional advisory and wealth discretionary mandates.

This new wealth advisory offering is part of Deutsche Bank wealth management’s commitment to help clients invest based on curated recommendations and risk management oversight.

Lok Yim, head of Deutsche Bank wealth management, emerging markets says: “In Asia, discretionary portfolio management has traditionally been less popular than transactional advisory as clients like to retain control over their portfolios. With dbXpert, we allow clients to directly and independently manage their portfolios while still leveraging our best thinking and systematic portfolio health checks approach.”

dbXpert is designed to construct a multi-asset portfolio with an emphasis on diversification. With dbXpert, clients will have access to their relationship manager and investment manager for dedicated portfolio support. Investment Top Picks span equities, bonds and funds, and the client’s asset allocation is customizable based on his or her preference.

Lavanya Chari, head of global products & solutions (GPS) at Deutsche Bank wealth management, comments: “We believe in a systematic approach to help our clients achieve their targeted returns on a risk-adjusted basis while reducing the amount of effort they need to monitor the financial markets.”

Wei Mei Tan, head of advisory and investment solutions, emerging markets, says: “dbXpert offers flat fees, aligning our interests with those of our clients. Fee transparency and independent advice are critical. It is therefore essential that we move towards the contracted advisory service model where clients pay us an advisory fee, rather than transaction fees and trailer fees.”

dbXpert is available to Deutsche Bank wealth management clients booked in Singapore and Hong Kong starting from May 15.

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