Everbright Greentech secures another solid waste project in Jiangsu
Build-operate-own deal will generate 70 million KWh of electricity, 300,000 tonnes of steam for surrounding industrial parks
13 Aug 2020 | The Asset

China Everbright Greentech has secured another solid waste treatment and power generation project in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, which is estimated to require an investment of 337 million yuan (US$48.58 million).

The Lianshui Solid Waste Project will process about 120,000 tonnes of general industrial solid waste a year by means of incineration. It will generate 70 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and 300,000 tonnes of steam a year for surrounding industrial parks, the environmental protection service provider said in a statement.

The build-operate-own project, which has a concession period of no less than 30 years, follows similar deals that the company secured in Suqian City and Xiao County.

“As the company’s second project of this type in Northern Jiangsu, Lianshui Solid Waste Project will fully unleash synergy with other projects and complement market advantages in the region,” says Everbright Greentech chief executive officer Qian Xiaodong.

“The company will adhere to the philosophy of ‘Creating Value for Clients’ and adopt the market-oriented, technology-driven approach. It will continuously enhance its service and value creation capabilities, with the aim to safeguard the green and sustainable development of the local communities and economy.”

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