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The forced shutdown of nuclear reactors in France, the heavy snowfall that covered large swaths of North America in December, and the recent cholera outbreak in Lebanon are all symptoms of a mounting global water crisis. The UN 2023 Water Conference offers an opportunity to start dealing seriously with the issue
23 Mar 2023
Water-related challenges – whether there is too much or too little, or whether it is dirty and unsafe – are already fuelling chronic food and health insecurity in entire regions. To safeguard this most fundamental natural resource, we urgently need a new, global strategy to govern water for the common good.
22 Mar 2023
Bursa Carbon Exchange (BCX), Bursa Malaysia’s new carbon trading platform, completed its first carbon credit auction with domestic buyers acquiring all the available Verra-registered carbon credits. The auction, which was carried out electronically, saw 15 participants from various industries purchasing a total of 150,000 credits.
20 Mar 2023
Amid the growing enthusiasm for carbon border taxes, Western policymakers have largely ignored the negative impact on the world’s poorest countries. For carbon-pricing policies to succeed, developed countries must show their commitment to shared prosperity by enabling knowledge-sharing and fostering equitable climate finance
17 Mar 2023
Insurer reduces GHG emissions per employee were reduced by 23% compared with 2019
13 Mar 2023
Transaction demonstrates China’s commitment to addressing challenges of marine litter
14 Mar 2023
Strategy targets the most carbon-intensive institutional sectors it finances, SME lending, digital platform
10 Mar 2023
Chinese fintech’s first sustainability-linked derivative incentivizes meeting various ESG targets
10 Mar 2023
More female investors than men value sustainability, 9 in 10 wish to create more social change
9 Mar 2023
Sustainable tourism, fisheries promoted along with marine conservation
8 Mar 2023
Key market concerns over delivery risk, pricing and fragmented liquidity in VCM addressed
23 Mar 2023
Khan Bank, Mongolia’s largest commercial financial institution, has issued the first-ever green bond to be issued in the country, a US$60 million, five-year offering. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is investing US$15 million in the offering, which has attracted another US$45 million from international investors, including US$35 million from Dutch entrepreneurial development bank FMO and US$10 million from MicroVest Capital Management.
17 Mar 2023
If Ajay Banga is confirmed as World Bank president – as is likely – he will have to find ways to meet the demands of a global south that is eager for change. Failure to do so would undermine the bank’s long-term viability; and jeopardize the West’s future ability to exercise its convening power
16 Mar 2023