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This year’s heatwaves, wildfires, storms, droughts, and floods make it increasingly clear that global warming is causing more extreme weather. But conventional climate models have chronically overlooked the nature of these risks and the broader implications they have for the real economy and society
23 Sep 2022
US$175 million five-year tenor offering will fund three major solar farms
19 Sep 2022
Deal upsized due to strong investor demand, firm committed to achieving sustainability goals
16 Sep 2022
US$6 trillion of investment needed to 2050 offers significant opportunities for investors
16 Sep 2022
Advanced economies have long relied principally on developing countries for primary commodities and natural resources to fuel their industries and economic expansion. But this has entailed high social and environmental costs for lower-income economies and, increasingly, the world as a whole
16 Sep 2022
Addressing the world's biggest challenges will require a completely new policymaking paradigm, one that looks past all the old arguments about the supposed inherent limits of government and the dichotomy between the public and private sectors. States and markets must be treated as the complementary institutions they have always been
15 Sep 2022
The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is looking into how to initiate a carbon credit market in the country to support companies that are undertaking green energy initiatives.
12 Sep 2022
Targets will guide bank’s financing activities on pathway to net zero by 2050 via measurable change
14 Sep 2022
Many companies are promising to align their objectives – including how they measure their performance – with broader imperatives relating to sustainability, development and social well-being. But progress will require effective incentives, and creating them is far from being a straightforward matter
9 Sep 2022
Asset manager will divest from investee firms not credibly transitioning by 2030 or 2040
22 Sep 2022
Agreena, a Danish agtech start-up that sells carbon credits generated by farmers who transition to more regenerative farming practices, has joined a distributed ledger technology (DLT) test project that aims to incorporate tokenized assets into traditional financial instruments.
22 Sep 2022
Water-related crises around the world have shown that current systems of governance and economic organization are unsuited for a world altered by global warming. The days of getting by with stop-gap measures are gone; the situation demands mission-oriented collective action at all levels
22 Sep 2022
Project Syndicate talks with Werner Hoyer, president of the European Investment Bank, who emphasizes that European investments in liquefied natural gas and pipeline gas are only a stop-gap, views green hydrogen as central to a mutually beneficial partnership between Africa and Europe, touts the importance of modern financial instruments to mobilizing private capital in the fight against climate change, and more
21 Sep 2022