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Efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions must overcome the free-rider problem, and carbon border adjustment measures are the most effective way to level the playing field. But only a revived World Trade Organization could ensure that such a mechanism is applied fairly
2 Dec 2022
The green transition threatens to create a stagflationary environment in which fossil fuel energy is scarce, while clean and renewable energy is still in short supply. Coping with such imbalances will be an ongoing challenge for policymakers, who would do well to get ahead of the problem now
2 Dec 2022
Majority of those reporting increased earnings this year have ESG programme in place
29 Nov 2022
'Breakthough’ loss and damage fund agreed to, but operational details scarce
25 Nov 2022
Citi Philippines has extended a US$20 million loan to ASA Philippines Foundation to provide financial assistance to low-income women for entrepreneurial ventures in the country. Nearly 70,000 women micro-entrepreneurs are expected to benefit from the programme.
25 Nov 2022
The US Securities and Exchange Commission is considering a proposal to require some companies to disclose information relating to the risks they face from climate change. But the agency is coming under pressure to scrap or water down the proposal because of a recent Supreme Court decision
25 Nov 2022
From Russia’s war on Ukraine to the Sino-American rivalry, the world order is increasingly contested, and when value chains are global, a single disruption can reverberate across the planet. But retreating from interconnectedness is both unworkable and unnecessary
25 Nov 2022
Loan supports reforms to boost sustainability, governance, private investment
24 Nov 2022
While still in its nascent stage of development as a clean energy source, corporates are starting to embrace green hydrogen as part of their broader net-zero transition strategies, hoping to capitalize on opportunities leading to its commercialization
23 Nov 2022
US$1.13 million transaction to support Australian cattle station lease project
21 Nov 2022
The interplay between climate change and the spread of deadly pathogens could herald an era of global devastation and disruption. To avert another Covid-style catastrophe, we must prepare our health systems for future crises, address outbreak risks and ensure equitable access to vaccines and treatments
2 Dec 2022
Recognized products will stand out from among 6,000 bonds on exchange
28 Nov 2022
Southeast Asian parliaments have resolved to promote environmental, social and governance (ESG) approaches for both the public and private sectors while urging their governments to develop ESG performance indicators. Members of the Asean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) adopted an ESG resolution on Wednesday, the fourth day of a five-day meeting in Phnom Penh – the first face-to-face gathering of Asean lawmakers since 2019.
24 Nov 2022
World’s top producer hopes to add value to metal amid rising energy transition demand
18 Nov 2022