Numerical Algorithms Group opens Greater China office

Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), a non-profit numerical software development organization, announces the opening of a new office in Taipei. NAG was founded nearly four decades ago and collaborates with world-leading researchers and practitioners in academia and industry to develop high-quality computational software and high performance computing services. NAG’s Taipei office expands the organization’s direct service network to Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan).


NAG was founded in 1970 as a collaborative venture combining the talents of many globally renowned mathematicians. It developed the first mathematical software library, which, over the next four decades, has evolved to become what it is today, the largest commercially available collection of high quality mathematical and statistical algorithms.


NAG provides professional technology consultancy and services to its customers from offices in Oxford, Manchester, Chicago, Tokyo and Taipei (Greater China) and a worldwide distributor network.


The NAG Fortran Library has1,600 plus highly sophisticated user callable routines for mathematical and statistical computation, 600 plus optimized or enhanced routines for SMP(OpenMP) and 200 plus optimized or enhanced routines for MPI high performance computing.


The NAG C Library is the most comprehensive commercially available C and C++ mathematics and statistics library in the world. It has 1,200 plus mathematical and statistical routines and 120 data mining routines.


NAG Toolbox for MATLAB supports users calling powerful NAG routines directly in the MATLAB environment and boasts high accuracy, high performance NAG mathematical and statistical routines.


NAG Fortran Compilers is a robust and extensively tested compiler sought by developers worldwide, especially known for its checking capabilities and detailed error reporting.  


9 Nov 2009


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