Asia-Pacific fintech network launched

The fintech network aims to encourage cross-border innovation and allow regional economies to seize growth opportunities through facilitating partnerships among members

FinTech associations from across the Asia-Pacific region have formed the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network. The new network will facilitate greater collaboration throughout the region and encourage innovation across borders.

Nine associations formally launched the network by signing a statement of intent at the Asian Financial Forum event in Hong Kong. The network is open to all other associations in the region.

The participants will work together on a range of activities, including:

  • co-organizing events in their respective markets to exchange information about recent developments and to facilitate trade and bilateral foreign direct investment
  • developing and fostering collaboration between companies in Asia with startups, corporates, regulators, business partners and investors
  • hosting joint webinars, seminars and workshops to share knowledge of technologies, products, services, and standards

The new network will focus on a range of sectors and themes which stand to benefit most from a collaborative approach, such as regtech, blockchain, payment systems, artificial intelligence and financial inclusion.

Henri Arslanian, chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, says, "Innovation develops best through collaboration and cooperation across borders. We hope the launch of the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network will catalyze even more advances throughout the region."

Takeshi Kito, commissioner of the FinTech Association of Japan, says, "We are pleased to be a part of the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network. With this as an impactful opportunity, we would like to make more contributions to the sustainable and inclusive growth of the global FinTech ecosystem than ever before."

The founder members of the Asia-Pacific FinTech Network (in alphabetical order) are:

· FinTech Australia

· FinTech Association of Hong Kong

· Fintech Association of Japan

· Fintech Association of Malaysia

· MENA Fintech Association

· Fintech Philippines Association

· Singapore FinTech Association

· Fintech Industry Development Association of Taiwan

· Thai Fintech Association


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16 Jan 2019


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