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13th Asian Bond Markets Summit

Collaboration for transformation

20 November 2018 - Singapore
HSBC Global Asset Management

Are Asia’s bond markets ready for the scrum? As technology seeps into our daily lives, it is only a matter of time before technology makes its presence felt in the region’s bond markets. It has happened in other markets. For instance, nearly three-quarters of the FX turnover in Asia, representing over US$1 trillion a day, is via electronic platforms.

Out of the ashes of the Asian financial crisis two decades ago, local currency bond markets have emerged. Today, the size of these markets is a testament to the painstaking efforts by governments, the private sector and financial institutions to work in unison to lay the foundation blocks towards their development. Bonds are now firmly established as an alternative to loans, serving as another platform to fulfill the region’s financing needs.

As Asia’s bond markets enter the next decade of growth, operating conditions have changed markedly. A region that once struggled out of the débâcle of the late 1990s meltdown is now an oasis of economic stability and the driver of global economic growth, especially since the great financial crisis of 2008. China has emerged to become the world’s second largest economy. Its bond market is now the world’s third largest, placed behind the United States and Japan.

Meanwhile, technology is sweeping aside the old ways and ushering in the new. Business models are being re-imagined as attention shifts from selling products to offering seamless experience-based solutions to satisfy emotional needs. Big data, artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology, as well as distributed ledger technology, otherwise known as blockchain, gain traction across industries. These sweeping changes will define the future of the global marketplace.

For Asia’s bond markets, they present both challenges and opportunities. With its history of steady growth, bond markets are at a crossroads. Continue along the same path, the risk is to become irrelevant, especially for the smaller markets in the region. Embrace change, while not risk free, and the promise exists for markets to be transformed in time to reap the rewards flowing from Asia’s emerging middle class, particularly as this sector shifts from savings to investing.

With change a constant, the next phase of growth will need concentrated minds as governments and regulators continue to collaborate across national borders. Deepening and broadening the participation profile in domestic markets should remain a priority. Adopting an agile mindset and re-imagining how bond markets should operate in an ideal world might be key. Opportunities to implement new approaches in a bid to improve market access should be explored, whether they are from a capital-raising standpoint or enabling greater investor participation. After all, bond markets have an important role to play. This could be to finance worthwhile productive economic activity or, as part of a broader agenda of inclusive growth, a role that reflects the principles of environmental, social and governance standards.

Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel
Four Seasons Hotel
Date: 20 November 2018

Speakers / Agenda

Asset Events Speaker
Opening keynote
Asset Events Speaker
Morning keynote address
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Collaboration for transformation
Financial technology will play a major role as Asia’s bond markets enter a new era of growth. As the market expands and new business models are introduced, the need for greater transparency, efficiency and automation comes to the fore. From issuing, trading and investing, to market infrastructure, fintech is set to revolutionise fixed income. Nevertheless, collaboration among stakeholders is crucial for fintech to transform Asia’s bond markets.
  • Automation: Where are we today in Asia and what’s next?
  • What fintech applications have we seen so far?
  • Which areas are best suited for fintech?
Networking and coffee
Asset Events Conversation
Panel: China – The continuing story
China continues to play an important role in global investment portfolios. The inclusion of China into major indices and the launch of the Bond Connect scheme will further pave the way for foreign investors to access the world’s third largest bond market. Yet, concerns surrounding liquidity, transparency, default risk and ratings continue to plague the market.
  • What will the index inclusion mean for global investors?
  • Update on Bond Connect and other access channels
  • How can investors prepare to reallocate capital to China?
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Of sustainability bonds and ESG investing
ESG investing in Asia is gaining ground as the region shifts its focus from purely financial returns to include sustainability goals. The region recently saw the issuance of several landmark sustainable bonds. Institutional investors, on the other hand, lead the way in integrating ESG factors into their investment strategy as asset managers ramp up their ESG offerings. Will ESG investing finally be catapulted into the mainstream?
  • What impact have we seen in ESG investment patterns in Asia?
  • How can we attract issuers and investors to increasingly look into ESG?
  • What are the major challenges faced by ESG investors and how can we address them?
Asset Events Speaker
Afternoon keynote address
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Green finance for Asian infrastructure
Asian economies require massive infrastructure investment to sustain growth. With climate change high on the agenda, financing sustainable infrastructure projects is crucial as Asia work towards meeting its sustainability targets. Asia’s success in the green bond market, on the other hand, is accelerating the adoption of green financing in the region. As Asia’s pipeline for sustainable projects builds up, green finance is set to play an important role in closing the region’s huge investment gap.
  • How can we mobilise private capital to finance sustainable infrastructure?
  • How can investors mitigate climate risk and other risks associated with green infrastructure?
  • How can green finance support the Belt & Road initiative?
Asset Events Panel
Panel: Fund management - The quest for institutional investing
Asian institutional investors’ assets under management (AUM) have grown significantly, presenting a good opportunity for asset managers. As institutional investors seek to diversify and achieve better returns, outsourcing offers an attractive proposition. As Asia’s institutional AUM blossom, competition will intensify and asset managers must find innovative solutions to win institutional business.
  • What is driving the growth in fund management?
  • Where do bonds fit in the institutional investors’ strategy?
  • Outsourcing – challenges and opportunities
Networking and coffee
Asset Events Panel
Panel: The return of retail bonds
The ASEAN bond markets, dominated by large institutional investors, are stepping up their game to attract retail investors in a bid to deepen the market and expand their investor base. Singapore has recently issued an innovative retail bond to boost retirement income, while Malaysia has relaxed rules to attract more retail investors. Yet, past credit defaults have left a sour taste for some retail investors. What is in store for the region’s retail bond markets?
  • What can be done to improve the retail bond buying experience?
  • How can we leverage technology for retail investor education?
  • What measures are being taken to protect retail investors in case of defaults?
Asset Events Panel
In conversation: Fixed income ETFs – the next stage for bond investing
Fixed income ETFs is the fastest growing segment in passive investing. As Asian bond investors continue to chase for better yields, allocation to bond ETFs is on the rise. Asset allocation, diversification and efficient market access make fixed income ETFs more appealing to investors. What is in store for fixed income ETFs in Asia? What are the drivers for the growth of fixed income ETFs? How can investors successfully incorporate bond ETFs in their portfolio?
Asset Events Cocktails
Closing remarks
Asset Events Cocktails
Networking and cocktails

The Asset events are the perfect size to offer the best of both worlds to our delegates, our conferences are highly interactive and each offers a unique forum where both speakers and delegates can contribute and learn and our clients can forge new and profitable business relationships to help the industry advance.

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