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How ESG is redefining sustainable investing
29 September 2021 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM SGT
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Global sustainable investment has reached US$35.3 trillion, a growth of 15% in just two years and representing about 36% of all assets managed in major financial markets worldwide, according to a recent report. With environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration becoming a common investment strategy, there is an urgent need to enhance transparency and standardisation as more investors and asset managers ride the green and sustainability train and as regulators firm up disclosure requirements.

Capitalising on technology for data accuracy and performance tracking is essential to guide stakeholders in their decision-making and ensure stable long-term returns. Additionally, climate risk is one of the most significant factors affecting the performance and valuation of investment portfolios.

Indeed, ESG has become an integral part of investing. Asset owners and managers as well as policy-makers and regulators can no longer afford to be complacent about the demand for sustainability.

The Asset Events+, in association with BNP Paribas, is pleased to be hosting an exclusive webinar to discuss how ESG is redefining investing and how stakeholders are facing the challenges and acting on the opportunities of sustainable investing. The webinar will also seek insights from BNP Paribas’ most recent survey of asset owners and managers on the issue.

Rebecca Mikula-Wright
Rebecca Mikula-Wright
chief executive officer
Asia Investor Group on Climate Change and
Investor Group on Climate Change
Stefen Shin
Stefen Shin
principal investment officer
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Nadim Jouhid
Nadim Jouhid
head of investment solutions, Asia Pacific
BNP Paribas Securities Services
Michael Woolley
Michael Woolley
director, sustainability
Eastspring Investments
Emil Nguy
Emil Nguy
chairman, chief investment officer & chief executive officer
Income Partners
Daniel Yu
Daniel Yu
The Asset
29 September 2021 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM SGT
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Exclusive Discussion
The pandemic has propelled ESG investing into the mainstream as the appetite for ESG products increases among institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. The heightened interest in ESG investing brings both challenges and opportunities. While the urgency to rebuild portfolios around ESG considerations is widely understood, the proliferation of standards and frameworks slow their adoption as asset managers grapple with the deluge of data in the preparation of reports for stakeholders. The focus is now shifting to increased regulatory oversight and the potential impacts on asset owners and managers.
  • Why is sustainable investing is becoming an increasing important topic as countries ramp up efforts towards net zero?
  • What are the drivers for change and how are regulators responding to the climate challenge?
  • How is climate risk being incorporated into the construction of investment portfolios?
  • How is technology playing an increasingly important role in managing the quantum of ESG data?
11:50 AM (SGT)
12:00 PM (SGT)
End of discussion

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