4th ESG Summit – Webinar series
Rising Expectations
24 November 2021
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As the battle to contain Covid-19 in the Asia-Pacific enters another year, the scars of this health emergency on lives and livelihoods have become the painful reminders of the urgency to do better. Yet, there is a silver lining to this pandemic: conversations on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have become far more widespread than ever.

Indeed, ESG is now an unstoppable movement. At the centre of the discussion is how to redirect private capital to ESG companies – whether it is in the form of equity, fixed income, or financing for working capital. A growing number of asset managers and financial institutions, keen to reinforce sustainability credentials, is starting to apply additional ESG factors in their assessments.

Regulators in the region are also stepping up to the challenge of the future. Initiatives, guidelines, and action plans toward sustainability frameworks, a green taxonomy, and other ESG standards are being rolled out in the coming months. The way businesses are run, growth capital is allocated, and their impact beyond financial metrics, will redefine the value of everything. Increasingly, ESG will become the pathway to achieve differentiated performance.

It is a period of rising expectations. Companies in the Asia-Pacific are busy building their knowledge base, generating new sets of data, and setting the right frameworks to assess the impact of their actions as they chart a course to become better and more sustainable companies.

To highlight this exceptional opportunity, The Asset Events+, Asia-Pacific’s leading ESG forum, is delighted to be organizing the 4th ESG Summit. With the theme of Rising Expectations, this year’s The Asset 4th ESG Summit brings together in a series of virtual conversations with the ESG thought leaders of the top companies, investors and financial institutions to share their insights on their ESG journey.

What to expect
  • What additional measures are being contemplated to contribute to the sustainability of the operation?
  • How was the supply chain affected and what efforts are being applied to strengthen and improve it along ESG principles?
  • How could public and private policies support the transition into a green economy?
  • What are the real-world examples of green recovery from the pandemic and how is finance playing a role?
  • Are investors stepping up their engagements with companies and keeping track of meeting and measuring ESG goals?
  • How are asset managers preparing for the surge in appetite for ESG investing?
  • How are standards being set for ESG data integration?


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