EM and Asia-Pacific hedge funds beat US, EU in January net returns

Hedge funds in Emerging Markets and Asia-Pacific have seen the highest returns this January in a region-by-region comparison, according to data from Preqin.

Emerging Markets hedge funds saw a net return of 3.45%, whilst hedge funds in the Asia-Pacific region saw net returns of 1.79%. This is compared to 1.26% in North America, 0.76% in Europe, and 0.63% in Developed Markets.

Globally, the Preqin all-strategies hedge fund benchmark recorded gains of 1.4% in January 2017. This is the highest January performance since 2013 (+2.59%). This also represents the highest performance month for the industry since April 2016, as funds built on gains of 1.07% seen in December.

All leading hedge fund strategies posted positive performance for the month, with equities strategies (+1.82%) and event driven strategies (+1.7%) funds leading the way. January’s positive returns put 12-month performance for the industry at 11.75%. Funds have only recorded two months of losses out of the past 12.