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Rich countries have shown impressive unity in helping Ukraine counter the Russian invasion. They now need to demonstrate the same level of resolve to prevent the global economic fallout from the conflict from destroying the lives or livelihoods of many of the world’s most vulnerable people
16 May 2022
Now that markets have finally been conditioned for interest-rate hikes, the danger of financial over-tightening looms large. Just as central bankers have embarked on a long-overdue process of balance-sheet unwinding, global developments have pushed the economy to the edge of recession
16 May 2022
Leading central banks are now deploying tools that should help to contain growing price pressures. But these measures will impose a high economic cost, and could push the most vulnerable economies into recession
13 May 2022
With commentators offering increasingly dismal warnings about the inflation situation in the United States, one might think that the US Federal Reserve has failed completely at its primary task. But the bond market is telling a different story, and there is no reason to think that it is driven by doves
12 May 2022
The explosive growth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has opened up a new front in the broader climate crisis by threatening to offset the progress made in recent years toward decarbonization. For the technology to gain wider adoption over the long term, its proponents will have to get serious about reducing its energy usage
11 May 2022
With the end of post-1990s hyper-globalization, scenarios for the world economy run the gamut. In the best case, achieving a better balance between the prerogatives of the nation-state and the requirements of an open economy might enable inclusive prosperity at home and peace and security abroad
10 May 2022
The time has come for Sri Lanka to face its financial demons head on. It will be a difficult fight, but a currency board – which strips the government and the central bank of the opportunity to mismanage the budget and the exchange rate – vastly improves its chances of winning
10 May 2022
European firms currently lack the scale and agility they need to compete with their US and Chinese counterparts. Wise policymakers would harness the cooperative momentum generated by the Ukraine war and embrace the transversal technologies that are crucial to the region’s future prosperity
6 May 2022
The US Federal Reserve certainly bears its share of responsibility for the great inflation of the 2020s. But powerful political pressures from the left and overly-optimistic analyses of open-ended debt policy, not to mention genuine uncertainties about inflation and real interest rates, also played a very large role
5 May 2022
Out-of-date valuations can drastically reduce amount insurers pay out
4 May 2022
To understand the increase in consumer price inflation around the world, one must look not only at supply and demand but also at the wedge that the coronavirus introduced between them. And now Russia’s war on Ukraine has added another source of inflationary pressure
4 May 2022
The debt moratoria introduced early in the pandemic provided temporary relief for private borrowers, and may have limited the fallout of the economic disruption. But recent data reveal that they also created a potentially disastrous non-performing loan problem
4 May 2022
The world’s richest person will be free to emasculate Twitter's content restrictions in the name of free speech if that is what he wishes to do. But he may reconsider once he realizes the great responsibility that digital freedom now implies
3 May 2022