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Green Finance
Government policies seek to reduce oil imports, lower trade deficits and cut carbon emissions
25 Jun 2024
Project Viridis aims to integrate climate data into financial analysis
14 Jun 2024
The Philippines’ rising power demand cannot be met purely by additional renewable energy capacity
14 Jun 2024
Financing solutions aim to incentivize SMEs to actively reduce carbon emissions
24 Jun 2024
Global apparel firm secures US$100 million loan to upgrade facilities in Bangladesh and India
18 Jun 2024
Sage offering provides preferential bank loan rates for achievement of pre-agreed SPTs
12 Jun 2024
Concept maturing, Singapore steps up, billions of dollars raised, but trillions needed
7 Jun 2024
Clime Capital investment to bolster EV fleet, establish 3,000 sq m charging facility
6 Jun 2024
Multilateral invests US$500 million to help coal-dependent nation move to renewables
5 Jun 2024
Sovereign offering aims to boost market scale, credibility, transparency, attract capital
4 Jun 2024
Proceeds of ADB-backed loan to finance wind farm projects
31 May 2024
Sustainable financing deal reflects commitment to net-zero Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2050
31 May 2024
Taxonomy alignment, finance flow facilitation, decarbonization rating development
24 May 2024